Clean laundry; Peace of mind

Inverter DD Motor

It is the strongest and most developed. It runs smoothly and without any noise compared to other conventional engines.

3D Waterfall

Productive 3 Dimensional water flow cleans better and minimize clothes entanglement. Integrate with strong current pushing effect, water flow from external cabinet continuously pushes through the inner drum, creating a fast and forceful current that drives the clothing rolling up & down efficiently.

Water Magic Cube

The new generation of Water Magic Cube pulsator equipped on DENKA top load washing machine, could effectively improve clean rate, reduce tangling and save water.

Magic Clean Filter

The magic clean filter in the machine not only helps to prevent soap and lint build-up in the laundry tub but also keeps the lint off the clothes. The washing machine collects lint in the bag-type lint filter from which the lint can be removed manually.

One Touch Smart Control

Simply press on the start button after powering on the washing machine, the PC board will activate the fuzzy logic to measure the laundry weight and calculate the water level and intelligently match the optimum washing-rinse-spin time. This function makes the washing easy to use for all generations.

Double Balance Drum

With advance care for your loved ones, machine comes with double balance ring technology to avoid noise, vibration and to increase stability during wash cycle.

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