Stay Cool in Any Room

4-Way Airflow

4-way airflow function provides users a wide range of comfortable air.

Auto Restart

After being turned off or in case of an accidental power cut, the air conditioners are able to retain and restore the temperature and other settings when it is turn on again or the power supply is resumed.

Environment Friendly

A new refrigerant that can convey heat efficiency. It has lower GWP and is remarkable for its low environment impact.

Tropical Compressor T3

Specially designed for the hot weather areas where the temperature reaches over 60 degrees celcius.

Plasma Function

Plasma is a module that ionizes the air by positive and negative high voltage electrodes simultaneously.

Filter Cleaning Reminder

After running for a particular period, the air-con will automatically detect the cleanliness of the filter and remind users of filter cleaning to avoid too much bacteria being accumulated on the filters and provide users with healthy air.

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