Perfect design for kitchens

Oven Safety

In order to avoid any serious injuries or gas leaks, cooktops are equipped with a flame-failure device on each individual burner. This means that if for any reason the flame accidentally extinguishes, the burner gas flow is immediately blocked.

Triple Burner

The triple crown burner is a perfectly versatile technology that allows you to conveniently switch between low, medium and high heat in order to simmer, stew, or boil dishes according to your needs. The technology also helps in a more even heat distribution at the bottom of a pan, providing optimal cooking settings over a shorter period of time.

Double Glass Door

In an effort to maximize safety and minimize burn risks and accidents, cooking range features secure double glass doors. The reflective inner glass is designed to keep the heat in, while the outer glass ensures the surface temperature is always kept as low as possible.


The rotisserie feature works in sync with the grill technology to cook various cuts of meat, maintaining an ideal cooking temperature to roast the flesh while allowing the outer skin to brown to perfection.

Grill Function

Get your perfect grill dishes through our grill function in the oven.

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