Clean laundry; Peace of mind

Auto Restart

When a washing machine is turned off by a power failure, it will restart automatically from the position it stopped at, adjusting accordingly.

Magic Filter

The magic clean filter in the machine not only helps to prevent soap and lint build-up in the laundry tub but also keeps the lint off the clothes. The washing machine collects lint in the bag-type lint filter from which the lint can be removed manually.

One Touch Smart Control

Fuzzy Logic determines wash load and adjusts the water intake, detergent intake and wash cycle.

Water Blow Pulsator

he smart ribs help to stimulate the overall distribution and circulation of clothes for extra clean results.


Automatic tub clean during final spin-dry keeps the tub thorougly clean and fresh everyday.

Child Lock

Allows you to lock the buttons on the panel of washing machine so that the wash cycle you've chosen can't be changed by a child while he/she is playing with it.

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