A+ Energy Class Hisense Refrigerators Provide Maximum Cooling With Minimum Energy Consumption Via Energy Class Performances Of A+, A++ And A+++. You Can Reach More Efficient And Faster Cooling With Both Environmentally And Budget Friendly Refrigerators.

The vision and mission of Hisense is to provide better lives for consumers though continuous technology innovation and customer-oriented products development. Brand’s promise is to generate trust for consumers with reliable product quality and honest behavior.

No frost anywhere

Ever With Total No Frost technology there is no ice build up in the appliance, making defrosting a thing of past. It will also keep your food fresh and nutritious for longer


High-quality texture

The premium door and handle together with premium inox panel perfectly fit for this series refrigerator, which looks in high texture, easy clean and fits every kitchen.


Big capacity for more storage space

There’s plenty of space in the fridge and freezer to store any shape or type of food. The doors can be opened out wide, so you can see everything at a glance.

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