Frying With Minimal or No Oil

MultiFry is an innovative air fryer that allows you to prepare delicious recipes with little or no additional oil. Enjoy healthier versions of your favorite fried foods.

Cooking Performance

The automatic mixing paddle consistently mixes food allowing you to fry, saute and roast a variety of recipes without stirring. Remove the paddle for grilling, broiling and convection baking right on your countertop.

No Stirring

MultiFry’s removable mixing paddle saves you time in the kitchen by stirring and mixing for you.

Big Capacity

You can cook up to 3.3 pounds of fresh potatoes and 2.7 pounds of frozen for up to 8 servings of crispy french fries.

See What's Cooking

Easily monitor the cooking process through the BPA-free transparent lid.

Cool To the Touch

The exterior walls of MultiFry stay cool to the touch and won’t heat up the kitchen like a conventional oven, making it ideal for family cooking.

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